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                  » MMDS Transmitter 100W for Antigua

                  » RFRX LNB 7-8GHz

                  » Multi-channel radio relay

                  » MVDS transmitter

                  » MVDS repeater

                  » InterCom4 Wireless 

                  » VideoLink HD

                  » Professional DVB-T MPEG-4 HD Diversity receiver

                  » Amplifier  AMP-2/2300 of 2GHz frequency range

                  » Amplifier  AMP-5/2300 of 2 GHz frequency range

                  » Amplifier AMP-1/800 for Wireless Camera COFDM system VideoLink-800

                  » VideoLink  Wireless Camera COFDM system

                  » Studio-2 RRL system

                  » RRL of 7-8 GHz frequency range

                  » DV/SDI converter for VideoLink-800 Wireless Camera COFDM system

                  » REPOTER Mobile  wireless COFDM system

                  » Upconverter UPC-IF/RF

                  » Upconverter UPC-01(02)

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     Archive News:


Company Radiofar together with the DVLab were Exhibitors at the IBC 2012 in the Amsterdam. Photo- report of Exhibition IBC - 2012 you can see here >>


Successful testing on the ground the system of digital broadcasting  DVB-T TV  VIllage for cottage settlements.   Read more.. >>


Company Radiofar together with the DVLab were Exhibitors at Cabsat 2012, in the Dubai. Photo-report of exhibition Cabsat 2012 you can see here >>


Radiofar represents a new generation of transmitters and power amplifiers for the frequency range 2.1-2.7 GHz developed by the Doherty scheme



The Repeater MVDS. The company Radiofar produced repeaters for MVDS systems with frequency range: 10.7-11.5 GHz,   11.7-12.7 GHz,   12.75-13.25 GHz.  Read more... >>


New transmitter MVDS: 12.75-13.25 GHz. The company Radiofar produced the new transmitter for MVDS systems with output powers P1dB=2 W and P1dB=4 W and frequency range 12.75-13.25 GHz.    Look here >>