Amplifier AMP-2/2300 of 2GHz frequency range



The AMP-2/2300 is a broadband linear power amplifier of 2 GHz frequency range. The amplifier can work with both analog and digital signals of different modulation as well as with group signal of the frequency band. One of the amplifier application is using it together with Wireless Camera COFDM System VideoLink 2300 in mobile system installed in a vehicle.
                    Main parameters:

  •        Output power for compression of 1 dB                      20W 
  •        Frequency range                                             2000-2700 MHz
  •        Frequency bandwidth                                             200 MHz
  •        Gain                                                                         30 dB
  •        Supported digital modulation:                       QPSK, QAM, COFDM
  •        Input                                                   50 Ohm , N type female connector
  •        Output                                                 50 Ohm , N type female connector
  •        Power Requirement                                            12-24 V, 6A
  •        Weight                                                                 3.5 kg
  •        Dimensions                                                         245х10х93
                 Mechanical specifications: outdoor weather -proof housing, maintenance-free
                 Note: The frequency range is specified by customer request.


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