Design  and  manufacture of transmission  equipment  for MMDS, digital CATV,  RRL systems. Transmission path analysis and calculations, path profile  creation, coverage area  computation for MMDS and MVDS system. Replacement of analogous TV system with  digital  TV  protected  by  CAS  (conditional access system).






 Company RadioFar presents you the new wireless and wired solution Intercom V Wireless & Wired Intercom system for TV Studio.  More details look here >>

                                                                Main features:

       »  Frequency range: 868 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz

       »  Modulation : GFSK

       » Diversity reception

       » Sensitivity: -105 dBm



  RadioFar Company looks forward to see you at our Stand  5C21 in Amsterdam at 14-19th of September for show you  the latest our innovations.





 Company RadioFar manufactured the new Sector Antenna based on an Horn-Parabolic  Antenna for transmitting and receiveing signals in Ku band for base stations and repeaters of MVDS and other broadcasting systems.  More details >>

                                                                Main Features:

       » Frequency range: 10.7-12.7 GHz

       »  Polarization : Horizontal or Vertical

       » WSVR: <2

       » Gain: 15-17 dBi



 Company RadioFar developed, modeled, and manufactured OMNI Directional Antenna based on an Horn-Parabolic  Antenna. More details >>

                                                                Main Features:

       » Frequency range: 10.7-12.7 GHz

       »  Polarization : Horizontal

       » WSVR: <2

       » Gain: 12-13 dBi

       » HPBM: azimuth: 360 deg

                   elevation: 7-8 deg 




 Company RadioFar presents the New equipment Wireless Bridge BR-4/100 for Intercom  System ITC-100 Datavideo.

                                                          Main Features:

    » Frequency range: 868 MHz, 915 Mhz, 2,4GHz

   » Radio frequency scheme : FHSS with TDMA Modulation GFSK

   » Output power: 200mW

   » Sensitivity: -100 dBm for 10-5 BER

   » Range: up to 1 km; typical 150-300 meters  

   For more details you can link here >>  



New Release of VideoLink HD - Wireless Camera Videolink HD/LD. Features: Low Delay for Compression MPEG4, AVC Improved, interference resistance of the system by using a new receiver with diversity reception  from 4 channels


New MMDS Transmitter in conditions for Antigua. Features: High-performance, reliable, compatibility with all types of modulations and standarts, including DVB-T2. Output power P1db=100W; Output frequency = 2.5 - 2.7 GHz (2.1-2.3 GHz, 2.3-2.5GHz optional), IF input frequency= 222-422 MHz. More details here >>



 The RadioFar company presents the New Release - Compact    Series DVB-T2 transmitters 

       Main parameters of Compact Series DVB-T2 Transmitters:

    • A high performance digital TV transmitter Line featuring latest         technology

    • High reliability and extremely compact size

    • Low cost of ownership including maintenances

                                                               More detail information you can see here >> 


System Videolink is added Repeiter, which allows receive more long distance. Repeiter is is possible to use, when there is no direct visibility (the environment buildings, subjects, hills) or signal very small (for example, transfer of a signal from a building to Mobile Television Station) prevent. Repeiter uses the circuit with regeneration of a signal, that eliminates mistakes received at distribution of a signal up to repeiter. Repeiter it is possible to use as fixed, such as mobile applications (helicopter, automobile, etc.)


Company Radiofar presents the new system of studio link InterCom4 Wireless, which used for TV studios for duplex link - producer, operator, helper of producer, etc. InterCom4 Wireless ensures duplex link, indication of signals of control video cameras, and  TALLY signals. 

For more detail information you can  click here >>




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     Archive News:


Company Radiofar together with the DVLab were Exhibitors at the IBC 2012 in the Amsterdam. Photo- report of Exhibition IBC - 2012 you can see here >>


Successful testing on the ground the system of digital broadcasting  DVB-T TV  VIllage for cottage settlements.   Read more.. >>


Company Radiofar together with the DVLab were Exhibitors at Cabsat 2012, in the Dubai. Photo-report of exhibition Cabsat 2012 you can see here >>


Radiofar represents a new generation of transmitters and power amplifiers for the frequency range 2.1-2.7 GHz developed by the Doherty scheme



The Repeater MVDS. The company Radiofar produced repeaters for MVDS systems with frequency range: 10.7-11.5 GHz,   11.7-12.7 GHz,   12.75-13.25 GHz.  Read more... >>


New transmitter MVDS: 12.75-13.25 GHz. The company Radiofar produced the new transmitter for MVDS systems with output powers P1dB=2 W and P1dB=4 W and frequency range 12.75-13.25 GHz.    Look here >>